The 54th Annual SIOP Congress will present a great platform to showcase your own research, find out the latest discoveries and boost your professional network in the field of Paediatric Oncology. Contribute to a world where no child should die of cancer!

See below why you shouldn’t miss SIOP 2022 and get your inspiration to join us in sunny Barcelona!

At SIOP 2022 you will immerse yourself in an event dedicated to the exchange of groundbreaking research, latest developments, treatment options, and profound scientific content in the field of Paediatric Oncology.

Enjoy 4 days of presentations, discussions and collaboration.

Get inspired as you hear firsthand the latest research findings, scientific news, and trends from the Paediatric oncology field brought to you by great professionals.

Be sure to regularly check the scientific programme to find out which intriguing topics and interactive session formats you would like to attend.

Meet international leaders, hear directly about their current work and ask your most important questions live!

SIOP 2022 is the place to be if you want to boost your professional network, fuel your career opportunities and connections, and exchange ideas with colleagues who are looking to grow collaborations worldwide.

The Congress poses a great opportunity for a lot of people to learn about your work and get in touch with you for follow-up – during or after the meeting dates.

Connect with an international society of like-minded people and give your ideas and research global exposure. Participating in SIOP 2022, a congress with a rich 50+year history, allows you to be part of the international community and establish long-term connections and new collaborations.

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Dive in its charming streets, full of life, joy, and colour, savour wine and tapas in world-class restaurants, breathe in the Mediterranean air and immerse yourself in renowned architecture!

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